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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Our Saturday

Last Saturday, hubs was in a mood to bring the gals to the park in the morning.

Baby who has not drank her milk yet has to be spoon-fed the milk in the car. I tell ya, spoon-feeding her milk 3x a day is no joke and is one of the most unpleasant and stressful chores for me. Thank God, I can tai chi this chore to my maid in the morning, with me coming in to rescue her when Baby fusses.

From the car to the park, it took almost half an hour for me to finish spoon-feeding her 4 pathetic ounces of Pediasure (only 1.5 scoop of milk powder to 4 ounces of water as Pediasure is very sweet and thick and Baby just hates thick and sweet stuff).

After she had finished her milk, she was allowed to play, like a dog on a leash let loose.

Rascal #1 and #2's pants were so black that I had to place a plastic mat on the car seat before they sat on it.

After sweating it out at the playground, Daddy then brought us for breakfast at a nearby coffee shop for another sweat-it-out session.

After breakfast, we 'pong chan' the street vendors and bought more CNY cookies and snacks.

Though this outing is not as fun-filled as a stay in a Puerto Vallarta rental, the gals nevertheless enjoyed themselves to the max. They told me that they would love to have this sort of outing every week. Kids, they really are easy to please, aren't they?
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