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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Selective Hearing And Answering

When Baby was just carried out from the OT after her Chalazion eye surgery, she appeared very sleepy and still down. I called her but she did not answer me. The nurse and I wanted to test if she was still alert. When the nurse brought out a tiny piece of chocolate and said "come, I give you chocolate", Baby who was latched on dearly to her fix immediately sprang up and grabbed the chocolate! When I said "Cassandra, say thank you", Baby said "tha kiu".... and then clutched the chocolate tightly in her fist and continued to sleep. When I tried to remove the piece of chocolate from her clutch, she resisted and clutched it in a tighter grip...until the chocolate melted and sipped out from the wrapper all over her hands! I knew then that Baby was fine, physically and mentally. Amen! She was merely selectively hearing and answering us :)

Baby snuggled up with Daddy.
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