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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tough Cookie

I must say once again that Baby is indeed a tough cookie. All the pain that she had endured the past 14 months of her life had moulded her into one very tough cookie. The other day, her thumb got pinched by the buckle of her booster seat. I know it's darn painful coz my finger got pinched many times by the buckle of the seat. But Baby did not cry a wee bit, though she did flinch and cringe in pain. When I took a look at her hand, I was shocked to see blood everywhere. The skin of her lower thumb was wedged off by the buckle of the booster seat, yet my tough cookie didn't cry!

Another thing I want to put in record is that Baby's speech is developing very well. She is now very chatty and parrots everything that we say. Today, rascal #2 drew a cat on her doodle and Baby said this to her jie jie "good job jie jie!" Good job to you my baby girl!

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