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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Eleventh Hour Rush

Alycia had asked me to help her re-do her art by drawing boxes. She had colored the boxes wrongly in school and her teacher wanted her to re-do it. After coaching her in other homework, I put aside the piece of art work and had forgotten all about it until the next morning at 6am. When she woke up, Alycia threw into a fits, stomped her feet, complained in a shrieking tone non-stop which made me throw into a fits myself!

So how? With less than 5 minutes in our hands to re-do, I had to think quick. Those boxes needed the right measurements to draw. Think, think, thinkety think.... idea popped up.... I quickly zeroxed a copy using my printer and since it's quite transparant on the reverse side of the paper (I held the paper up under the lights to see cleary and dotted all the corners first, then joined them), I traced the boxes hurriedly. Alycia then colored it and vehemently refused to listen to me when I told her that she's still coloring it wrongly. This girl is very pig-headed as well... and I was so pissed off with her that morning... that she kept arguing with me that she's doing it right. When she came home from school that afternoon, she was too embarrassed to tell me that she had done it wrongly again, after confirmation from her teacher, HAH! "SEE, told you you're wrong Alycia. You think mummy has never done this before meh, haiyah!!!"
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