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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Google Searchers Turned Customers

Many of my online store (Old And Stuff For Sale)'s customers make up of my blog readers. And a handful of them comprise of 'google searchers'! One customer of mine was searching for 'buckwheat' and landed on my blog. Another customer searched for 'breastfeeding', one searched for 'hotpot', one on homemade kaya, homemade jam, etc. etc. and they all landed on my blogs and then became my faithful blog readers... and eventually became my customers!

Today, someone called me on my mobile phone. This lady was also a google searcher, in search of a kids harness for her gallivanting toddler and landed on my blog. She told me that she does not trust buying things from the internet and wanted to come to my place to get the harness. I sold the kids safety harness to her :D

Hmmm, I think I should start writing more articles on popular-searched keywords on Google to attract more readers to my blogs... and eventually to my online store *greeeeeeeedy grrrrrrrin*
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