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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Restoran GoodView Hakka Food, PJ

This is a back-dated post. We went to Restoran GoodView Hakka Food at Paramount Garden in PJ about 3 weeks ago. As the moniker suggests, this restaurant serves Hakka dishes.

We had pig's intestines soup with fresh golden needle mushrooms and oyster mushrooms...

Steamed fish Hakka style....

Stir fried 'suen poon cee' (which literally means beads of the abacus in Cantonese). This is a Hakka dish and the 'abacus beads' are made of yam and rice flour. It is fried with dried shrimps, wood ear fungus, pork, shredded mushrooms and garlic.

My favorite 'cee geok choa' (pigs trotters in black vinegar). But I eat no fat, just the lean meat and love the broth. This is my favorite confinement dish.

'Mui choy khau yoke' (braised half lean-half fat pork with preserved veggie), another popular Hakka dish and confinement dish.

Steamed 3-types of eggs...

'Sam Pei Jie'. This is a Taiwanese dish. The chicken is cooked with sliced ginger, Chinese cooking wine and basil leaves. My mil cooks this dish very well.

We also ordered an assortment of dim sum from the coffee shop next door...

I would rate the Hakka food 6/10 and the dim sum 5/10.

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