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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Catered Food For Dinner

I started to cater food for dinner on Monday. I was promised that the food will be delivered to my doorstep by 6:30pm but on the first day, the caterer only reached our place at 8pm! Apparantly, her car broke down at Federal Highway during a heavy downpour. By the time she delivered the food, we were already almost done with eating our dinner - I dug out whatever frozen food I had in the freezer and reheated them as my kids were all complaining of a rumbling tummy. On the 2nd day, the food was delivered at 4:30pm! She said she had to send her konked out car to the workshop, thus she was early.

On the first day, we had these dishes:

Minced chicken with tofu...

Chicken chop with fried potato wedges. Tasty but I find that her food has too much 'wok loh' (burnt carbon from the wok).

Stir-fried long beans. My girls love the beans as they were sweet. I suspect she put sugar / oyster sauce.

On the 2nd day, we had fish curry, stir fried cabbage and foo yoong egg omelette.

On the 3rd day, we had these:

Fish bergedil (a Malay dish made out of mashed fish, potatoes, big onions, spices and chillies)...

Stir fried 'tai yee ma kar lui' (gourd with glass noodles, shredded carrots and fishballs) and the dish on the right is spam meat cooked with potatoes and curry leaves. This dish was SUPER SALTY and I didn't allow my girls to eat.

Overall, the caterer's food is quite satisfactory. Low in MSG and I don't feel thirsty after eating. But quite high in oyster sauce / sugar coz all the dishes are sweet! I'll see what she will serve us today.

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