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Friday, August 20, 2010

Homemade Chicken Chop

My kids and I, we love chicken chop. It's easy to prepare and I can cook a big batch and deep freeze them in smaller portions for future consumption.

This is the chicken chop with lots of big onions (my girls and I are onion lovers) that I whipped up, with no particular recipe.

I marinated the deboned chicken with soy sauce, sea salt, pepper, honey and Lea and Perrin sauce for about a couple of hours. Then shallow fry the chicken until they turn golden brown. Use the spatula and push the chicken aside. Then add in the big onions and fry them until they turn brown. Mix the chicken and big onions and serve hot. Cut some cool cucumbers to serve with the chicken. The cool cucumbers can expel some 'heatiness'. I cooked 8 pieces and thought of deep freezing half the batch but they were so tasty that my 3 girls walloped them all in a jiffy and licked the platter clean *satisfied grin*

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