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Friday, October 22, 2010

Alycia's Final Exam Finally Over, Phew!

Ever since Alycia's final exam was over yesterday, I can feel a big bag of burden off my shoulders. I feel more stressed up and tensed than her. Alycia is super cool and has no sense of urgency or discipline when it comes to doing revision for her exam. During last minute revision with her, the second I leave the table to do something else, this fler will zoom to the TV and get hooked on it. Can't really blame her too as there's too much distraction from her 2 younger sisters. You will say why don't you keep the TV off limits during exam time but if I don't allow the 2 younger brats to watch TV, there is no way I can have a one-to-one revision with Alycia. Baby would be all over me and targeting my boops and Sherilyn would be inundating me with loads of questions.

Today Alycia got back almost all her test papers. I really thought that she would fare very badly as I hadn't done enough revision with her and have in the past did not do much regular revisions with her. But she made me really proud of her. She scored 90 marks and above for all her test papers. If it weren't because of her careless mistakes and failure to double check her work, she would have scored 100% in her papers. This girl of mine can be very very forgetful. I have been drumming into her head to DOUBLE CHECK YOUR WORK, DOUBLE CHECK YOUR WORK but she never checks her work, AAARGH!!
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