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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fuming Mad

2 days ago, I was really cheesed off by the soya bean milk man. I have been his loyal customer for so many years and yet he had the cheek to say such defensive things to wind me up. I had bought a 1.5L bottle of cold soya bean milk from him early this week. On that day, I saw him taking out a big bottle of soya bean milk from the ice box instead of pouring the soya bean milk out from the huge stainless steel dispenser. The bottle was 3/4 full. I then asked him why it was not full and he told me that sometimes he would get customers who would order a few big bottles. It would be faster that he fills up some bottles with soya bean milk up to 3/4 full whenever he has the time. If the customer wants syrup for the soya bean milk, he would fill the remaining 1/4 of the bottle with syrup. Fine, I was satisfied with his answer but still felt dubious. Back home, I immediately kept the bottle of soya bean milk in the fridge. Several hours later when I poured the soya bean milk out, it had coagulated, like bean curd. I knew instantly that the coagulation was partly caused by the man putting the bottle of soya bean milk in the ice box. I threw the bottle of soya bean milk away.

The next day when I asked the soya bean milk man casually why it had coagulated, gosh, this man was highly defensive. He started hurling defensive words that would irritate any customer.

Man - definitely your fridge is not cold enough, this will not happen if your fridge is cold enough...

Me - my fridge is cold, it's new!

Man - new fridge does not mean it's cold enough. I can guarantee your fridge is not cold enough. You people open and close the fridge door so many times, surely your fridge is not cold. Did you use a thermometer to check the temperature?? (and asked in a harsh tone)
(on hearing this, I could feel steam spewing out from my head. This man was trying to challenge me to prove me wrong)

I just shook my head in disbelief of what I heard, took my bottle of soya bean milk from him (yup I still bought a bottle from him) and paced off. That will be my last time buying soya bean milk from him. I did not expect him to pay me back RM4.80 for the bottle of soya bean milk. I was just hoping to get an apology from him. Even a 20sen discount would make me feel better. If I were him, I would have given my customer another bottle of soya bean milk for free to placate a dissatisfied customer. Sigh, some people just lack the business mind and attitude.
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