Health Freak Mommy: Sleep Walk Or Going To School Anxiety?


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Friday, October 1, 2010

Sleep Walk Or Going To School Anxiety?

Over dinner just now, our helper told us that Alycia got up from bed at around 4:30am this morning and crept out from the bedroom. She got down from bed quietly, opened the door quietly and then walked to the living room. My helper who sleeps in the girls' bedroom heard the door open and quietly followed Alycia from behind to see where Alycia went to. She told us that when Alycia was in the living room, she stared blankly and said this to herself "why no nobody here?" and then went back into bed. Alycia's eyes were opened. When I asked Alycia if she could recall what happened last night, she told me she couldn't remember a thing!

Could this be sleep-walking? Or mere anxiety of missing the van that brings her to school and being late for school? I used to sleep-walk quite a bit too when I was young.
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