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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Testing Our Patience

Baby has been testing our patience with her mischief. For the past 2 weeks, she has been throwing stuff out of her sisters' bedroom window. First she threw down some books, papers, Alycia's watch and toys. We reprimanded her and she looked repentant. The next day, yet again she threw 2 Dr Seuss books off the window, which landed on the ledge. Several days later, she threw out some hair ties. Though we had reprimanded her and hit her hand (very lightly though... didn't have the heart to hit her till she cries), this fler is still testing our patience with her monkey business. Now, we have to lock the windows to prevent this rascal from throwing more stuff down! Can't wait for this rascal's Terrible Twos phase to past. Hopefully it will not accelerate to Terrible Threes and Fours and Fives... just like rascal #2!!!

The 2 Dr Seuss books resting on the ledge.
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