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Friday, November 19, 2010

Sherilyn's Quirks

Rascal #2 has this quirk where if I give A to her, she will will ask for B. And the next day if I give her B, she will ask for A, deliberately in defiance as if to rebel against mummy. On most mornings, I will nag and nag and nag this little rascal to hurry up to finish her milk, to wash up, to dress up and to go to school. It's a chore getting her to get ready for school. On some mornings, she will lie in bed, whine and bawl, refusing to go to school. Today is her last day of going to school for this year. There was a year-end party in the school this morning.

Just now after her shower, guess what this fella did? Instead of wearing a dress, she donned on her school uniform... and she's going to wear that to attend Mandarin tuition later. Can't believe she did this! And I wonder what her friends and teachers at the tuition centre are going to say, haha!
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