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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Twisties Craze

Whenever Baby takes her nap at 6pm, I know that it will be extremely hard to wake her up at 7pm for her dinner. I had tried using her favorite snacks to tempt her into waking up from her beauty sleep including using Magnum ice-cream but none of it could wake her up. But recently I found another bait to lure her. It's with Twisties. At the smell and sound of the "Twisties" bag being ripped apart, this rascal will jump up from the couch (she usually dozes off on the couch if she naps at 6pm) with a wide smile and mouth wide open... as if she were pretending to sleep prior to that.

Caught in action....

I hope that the Twisties Management reads this post and rewards me with a year's supply of Twisties muahahahahah! I'll bet my girls will get sick of Twisties if we have a year's free supply of this snack!
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