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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ranting On Maid Again

Just cannot stand that lady anymore. She turned into a bossy control freak about a year ago and now the bossiness has accelerated. Yesterday after shopping for groceries, while keeping the stuff into the fridge and storeroom, she tried to incite hatred and tried to start a fire between my mil and I by reporting to my mil that I still bought so much of this and that. She thought I was in the bathroom but I heard her reporting softly to my mil "tengok aunty, masih banyak beli lagi hehe" Who the h*ll is she to control what I buy and to report to my mil? That lady love yakking non-stop and most of the time, whatever that comes out from her mouth drives me bonkers. She even told Sherilyn this once "you die already ah, why you lie down to eat?" She also loves to use her body to push Sherilyn when Sherilyn is near her whenever she's carrying something heavy, as if to tell her blatantly, "move away!!" Oh yes, she did say "GO away" rudely many many times to my kids whenever she's busy and they are near her.

This afternoon, when Alycia returned from school, she told me that she did not eat anything in school. I was shocked to hear that as I had put a small box of honey stars into her bag last night. She told me that kakak took it out! Who the h*ll again is she to control what I put inside my daughter's bag and how dare she take it out without telling me? What a super super control freak she is.

Yesterday morning, she also used her feet to nudge Sherilyn's butt to wake her up. Knowing that Sherilyn does not like her to step-mother her around, she has to target Sher all the time. She and Sherilyn are like cats and dogs. That lady loves irritating Sherilyn to no end. She will playfully touch her butt and that lady will turn back to give Sher a killer glare with her vampire teeth ... and use whatever that she's holding on to attempt to hit her back, only to be caught by me most of the time. It's really a tit-for-tat case for that lady who has no patience at all with my kids. In front of our friends and relatives, she will transform into a maid sent from heaven with the sweetest smile and words, to gain liking from them. I can write and write and even a compile a book on maid horror stories but I shall end here. I have loads to do but I just have to vent out my frustration.
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