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Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Hilarious Fall Of Sherilyn's 1st Tooth

... and I think it will be an unforgettable one as it was really hilarious. It all started about a year ago when Sherilyn's right front tooth was knocked twice - once on her friend's knee and another time when she tried to walk through a glass door at Purple Cane restaurant and had her mouth smacked hard on the glass door OUCH!!! From then, the tooth became loose and about 2 months ago, it became really shaky and half the tooth was yanked out from the gums, making her look like a 'sau ngar por' LOL!! She looked really hilarious each time she talked or ate as the shaky tooth would dangle in and out of her mouth muahahahahah!!! I couldn't even stand looking at her mouth when she talked for I would be unable to control laughing out hard... which made her really mad... mad that her mummy was making fun of her. But I wasn't making fun of her, she just looked too too funny LOL!!

So back to the shaky tooth. After weeks and months of wanting to yank off the tooth herself (she chickened out each time we told her we wanted to bring her to the dentist to have the tooth extracted), one night it finally came off.... in a hilarious way. It started like this. I had asked Sherilyn to demonstrate to me some of the ballet movements that she had learned in class. While she was dancing, prancing and jumping, I saw her loose tooth dangling out of her mouth, to the point of almost dropping. I excitedly told her that the tooth was almost dropping and asked her to dance and jump harder... to which she did. She jumped and hopped as hard as she could and when she tried to pull it off, the shaky tooth was finally yanked off, without any pain! Everyone cheered for her and we were all very glad that her loose tooth which made her look terribly hilarious each time she talked and ate had finally descended. That night, the mummy tooth fairy put a dollar in an ang pow packet under her pillow. That's where her first tooth has been kept - in an ang pow packet, together with the dollar note and it will be for keeps for a long, long time... for her to see and maybe for her kids to see.

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