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Friday, March 4, 2011

Mummy, I Found A Boy To Marry

Alycia and Sherilyn have always been telling me that they do not want to get married when they grow up. Time and again Sherilyn will reinforce her decision of not wanting to get married. She always tells me this "I don't want to get married because I don't want the doctor to cut my stomach to take the baby out" LOL!

But today she came home from school and stunned me with this :

Sher - mummy, you want me to marry a clever and rich boy is it? I already found a boy to marry.

Me - who???

Sher - Ricky Kiu

Me - who???

Sher - Ricky Kiu!!

Me - is he your classmate?

Sher - yup. But Berlyn said she wants to marry him too, so I cannot marry him.
(Berlyn is Sherilyn's best friend)

Me - Oh! So did you fight with Berlyn over Ricky?

Sher - no. Never mind, I will find another boy to marry lar....

See how naive kids can be with their thoughts and words. She made my day today :D
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