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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Soaked In Stinky Vomit

See this baby doll who is as cute as a button... but she makes me worry the most with her medical condition since birth. But thank God, she's all OK now. We were supposed to be having a nice dinner at the Japanese restaurant on Friday to celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary but she was down with a supposedly stomach flu and was puking non-stop. Instead, we spent our night at the A&E Dept. of the hospital. Our cake was not cut that night. It is still not cut yet and sitting nicely in the fridge haha!

Instead of a nice, sumptuous dinner and a happy night with the girls, I was soaked in Baby's vomit - twice. Once at home and the second time at the Japanese restaurant. The vomit spewed onto my long flowing hair and soaked my dress, eeeeewwwwwwweeee!! Not exaggerating but my dress was really drenched with strawberry flavored Nutrifresh and half digested cream crackers, eaten by Baby half an hour ago, before she puked. The stench was horrid! Even after 2 washes, it still smells yucky! My helper wasn't spared and she had hot, stinky lava spewed on her face and clothes too.

No complaints. This is part and parcel of motherhood. Mothers all get vomit, poop, wee wee, goo goos and all unpleasant stuff on themselves, especially during the first 5 years of the child's life.

Our Eventful 11th Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday was our 11th wedding anniversary and a very eventful one too. We seem to be celebrating anniversaries and important occasions in hospitals quite a bit. 2 years ago, we celebrated our anniversary in the pediatric ward after Baby’s second surgery. Last night, it was Baby again who had to be rushed to the A&E of the hospital. I shall talk in length about this in my upcoming post. Last night, Baby did not sleep with her sisters. Instead, she slept on a tatami mat on the laminate flooring of our room. I did not sleep well the whole night. The whole night, I kept feeling her body and to see if she had puked on herself. Thank God, she’s all well again today.

A Big Boy Who Wishes To Fulfill His Small Boy’s Dreams

Remember my post on my hubs, the big boy who recently fulfilled his childhood wish of owning a toy machine gun that emits sounds of gun shots? Well, this big boy has other childhood dreams which have yet to be fulfilled. Among some of the toys that he still wishes to own now are expensive remote controlled toy cars and toy helicopters, toy soldiers, eotech 552and figurines of Star Wars characters. If only he had the opportunity and time to go to a huge toy shop that has all his favorite toys when he was a little boy, I’ll bet he will buy them all at once!

Holiday In Thailand

My parents have just returned from a holiday in Thailand. My mum has bought some nice pajamas, funny t shirts and shoes for the girls and me. Things are pretty cheap in Thailand, especially clothing, shoes, bags, bed linen and food. The last time I went to Thailand was 11 years ago. I am hoping to make a trip to Thailand next year and this time, I’m bringing the girls along! Can’t wait for this to happen.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Teaching Sherilyn Money

One of the topics covered in Sherilyn's recent mid term exam for 6YO pre-schoolers is money, i.e. all the denominations, how to add up Ringgit note and sen and questions in comprehension format. The standard is equivalent to that of Primary 2 kids. I remember I had a hard time teaching Alycia 2 years ago. It's the same with Sherilyn now. I had to use real money to explain the concept to her, which I think helped her to understand better. Hmm, I wonder why the kindergarten teacher did not take the effort to ensure that all the kids understood before they tested them on this topic. I'll bet other kids had a tough time grasping the whole concept too.

During revision with Sherilyn, as usual the impatience in me made me blew my top when this rascal just could not get it right. Her attention span is very, very short and her mind is always wandering far away. My SIL from Singapore who was up in KL came to my rescue. Then my mum. At long last, she finally got it right with the help of 3 tutors. She scored a 96% for her Math!

... and little nosy parker wants to be involved in all her jie jies' activities too!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kids Nap The Darndest Ways

Here's another trademark of rascal #2:

She always falls asleep whenever she's told to eat food that she does not fancy like fruits, veggie or drinking soup. And if she ever naps in the afternoon, it's not a good sign. It's a sign that a fever or a throat infection is looming and I am 99% right all the time. If she's well, there is no way I can force her to take even a short nap in the afternoon.

Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way

I have never taken any fat burners before in my life. I find that the only sure way of losing fat and to keep it off permanently is to ensure that my calories output is greater than my input. And exercise is very important. Many of my friends who had set out on their weight loss program often fail as they don’t exercise. Cutting food intake alone is not enough. They always tell me that they don’t have the time to exercise, to which I will tell them that where there’s a will there’s a way. And I am speaking from experience.

Quick Fix For A Younger Look

My girls were looking at my old photo albums the other day and they commented that I looked very pretty and young about 15 years ago. I was like huh, do I look ugly and haggard now?? Though my size has not changed much (thank God!), I must admit that there are some differences in my appearance. 15 years ago, my hair was fuller, my complexion was better and I looked vibrant. Now everyone says I have tired and sunken eyes O_o Life is short and I must make myself look good again. Perhaps popping some GenF20 will give me a quick makeover?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Our Collection Of DVDs

The holidays are just days away. The only thing that I look forward to about the school holidays is that I can sleep for half an hour longer each morning. I don’t look forward to having 3 screaming and bickering brats at home though. Our initial plan was to make a trip back to Ipoh to my parents but something cropped up and we will most likely stay put in KL. One sure way of keeping the girls silent and still when I need some quiet time to do my work is to turn the idiot box on. Once the idiot box is turned on, the 3 rascals will be a good as angels!

I have over 4 huge folders of DVDs and VCDs on cartoons and educational programs and the collection is growing steadily, thanks to my hubs who is a huge van of movies himself. Now that we have a new MPV that comes with 2 TVs, the girls are enjoying their car rides ever more. In our car is another DVD folder complete with new DVDs, including one on Tangled, Disney’s latest cartoon, which is a marvelous adaption of Rapunzel. With hubs’ collection of DVD and the girls’ DVDs, we can really consider opening a stall to sell them to earn some quick bucks!

That's How She Drinks Watermelon!

Kids are innovative I tell yer! This is how my eldest finds novel ways of eating and drinking her fruit... by poking a straw into the soft flesh of watermelon and then sucked out the juice LOL!!

Tomorrow will be the last day of Alycia's mid-term exam and I can finally breathe a sigh of relief! By right today should be the last day of the exam. But Chinese school students have to sit for their Math and Science in English too, besides the tests in Chinese. Tomorrow when my hands and butt are finally free, I can whip up something yummy for dinner, instead of having steamed chicken and steamed fish for the past 2 weeks. Can't wait for the school holidays to start, yipee!!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Boy's Dream Fulfilled After 30+ Years

There was once a little boy who loved toy guns. He wanted very much to have a toy machine gun that could emit sounds but his mummy would say NO to his requests each time he begged for the toy. He could only play his friend's toy guns but they were not his. He wanted very badly to have his own big big toy gun.

30 over years on, he finally fulfilled his childhood dream. He bought the toy gun that he dreamed of every night when he was a little boy. And his daughters loved his toy gun too. He is now a very contented man. A very happy daddy who always fulfills his 3 princesses' wish, whims and fancies.

The big boy playing with his toy gun...

But he is very generous with it and shared it with his 3 princesses...

His 3 happy princesses...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Little Ballerina

Sherilyn will be sitting for her primary ballet exam on Monday next week. She had already attended 2 trial exams over the past 1 month. She is also practicing pretty hard at home, with lots of cheers and encouragement from everyone at home... which she really enjoys getting. This fella seems to enjoy lotsa attention given to her!

My little ballerina in action...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Do You Buy Books Or Borrow Them?

We used to invest quite a bit on books for our girls. However, I stopped buying books recently in order to cut cost. Now, I borrow books from the library in our church and this library is awesome with so many titles to choose from!

Do you buy books for your kids or do you borrow them from the library?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Next Malaysian Idol Competitor?

Sherilyn took part in a talent time competition at her pre-school last Saturday. The talent time competition was held after the pre-school's sports day event. Everyone in the family went to the pre-school to watch her participate and to give her moral support - hubs, Alycia, Baby, kakak and even my brother and sil from Singapore.

Sherilyn in action belting out "I Went To School One Morning", complete with actions.

Though the judge (from another school) did not select her as the top 3 winners in the 6-year old category, she was however chosen by her principal and teachers to represent the pre-school in an inter-school talent time competition, to be held on 13 June, judging on her good vocal chord, clarity of her words when she sang and confidence. However, this fella is refusing to take part in the inter-school competition, reason being her other 2 classmates also refused to partake, sigh! However, after some coaxing, she is now relenting and is slowly agreeing to partake. Well, we shall see her mood and what the school principal says next week. IF she emerges the top 3 winner in this competition, she will partake in an international talent time competition to be held at Genting Highlands! Well, who knows my princess wannabe will be a future Malaysian Idol competitor!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Philadelphia cheese on toast

My mil has left behind quite a bit of baking stuff unused when she left for Hong Kong recently. She still has a block of cheddar cheese (which I am using it to make pancakes for the girls), a packet of Philadelphia cheese, a big packet of walnuts and other cake / bread / cookie making ingredients which I don't know what to do with. Since cheeses have short expiration dates, I used the Philadelphia cheese as bread spread on my slice of toasted sprouted wheat bread for breakfast! And it tastes very much like cheese cake with a bready base! Not bad at all and I am eating this almost everyday to finish off the packet of cheese which is expiring soon.

My slice of toasted sprouted wheat bread with Philadelphia cream cheese and a drizzle of Maple syrup from Canada. Tastes like cream cheese cake with caramel, yums!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Guess What Fruit This Is

Can you make a wild guess? The surface is smooth and it's blackish and greenish and my dad bought it from a wet market in Ipoh....


It's a locally grown avocado...

The differences between a locally grown and an imported avocado apart from the price (local ones are cheaper) are that the locally grown avocado flesh is very smooth and not so thick and creamy. Some of the avocados are as big as a small-sized Australian mango. And the locally grown avocados turn brown and bad very fast -- leave them in room temperature, the flesh will turn brown very quickly. Put them in the fridge, the flesh will be hard and not edible. So my verdict is - next time we'll stick to imported ones, though they cost more.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Our Labour Day

On week days, we could hardly go anywhere as Alycia and Sherilyn have Mandarin enrichment classes, ballet class twice a week and other activities filled almost everyday. Sunday is church going day. The only time we can go to the shopping mall is on public holidays. So we spent almost the entire day on Labour Day at Mid Valley Megamall / Gardens to grab whatever I had to get that were accumulated over the months. We left the house at 9:30am and only left the mall at 4:30pm!

The girls at the newly refurbished loo at the ground floor of Mid Valley Megamall. The changing room cum loo for parents/babies is really huge. It can fit in the 4 of us comfortably plus my helper.

First we had breakfast at McDonalds. After shopping, we had lunch at Tony Roma's and then we shopped again! Noticed the shopping cart overflowing with our loot behind the table? Hehee...

Scrumptious grub...

Delectable ribs and steak...

With over 6 hours of walking round the mall, most of the calories gained from these sinful morsels were neatly burnt off ^J^

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ais Teler, Indonesian Ais Kacang

Hubs' chef tried out a new dessert the other day. This Ais Teler is akin to our Malaysian Ais Kacang but there are no peanuts. Instead, there are lots of avocado, lots of evaporated milk, strips of fresh coconut flesh, strips of fresh jackfruit (nangka), shaved ice, some rose syrup, some chewy white stuff that looks like jelly beans (watchame call it??) among others ingredients. I must say that this is very very good! iLike it!

If you are looking for a caterer for a function, do check out Catermate Sdn Bhd. You can call Alan at 019 266 4297. Try it out for your next function !