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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Kids Say The Darndest Things

My parents will be coming to KL next week. It's my dad's birthday next week and we are celebrating his birthday in KL. For days, Baby has been telling me that she wants to make a birthday card for koong koong. But no one is free to help her with the card. Today, she tried making a birthday card for koong koong. Shs found an Astro flyer paper on the table and scribbled on the unprinted reverse side of the paper. Then she went to her che che's drawer and 'stole' her che che's glue and started to roll the glue stick on the paper. I was busy on the PC. When I brought her to the bathroom to wee wee,I saw that her hands were black and sticky. Her toes too LOL! The 'birthday card' for koong koong' was errrr completely out of shape and resembled anything but a card. I then threw the paper into the bin as there was glue everywhere... while hoping that she would not noticed that 'koong koong's birthday card' is missing. But she did noticed it right away.

Baby - mummy, where's koong koong's birthday card?

Me - I threw it away. There's glue everywhere. We'll make another card for koong koong ok?

Baby - why did you throw the PaPer away? (emphasizing loudly the P sound in both the P vowels). PaPer is expensive, you must recycle. Why throw away huh?

Me - it's ok. There's glue everywhere and it's very messy.

Baby - but that's PaPer. PaPer is very expensive. You must recycle, you cannot throw away you know.

And she went ranting on and on about me throwing her koong koong's 'birthday card' and emphasizing that I should not have thrown a good PaPer away LOL!!!

Cassandra at 3years 4 months
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