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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Linus For Primary 1 Students

Sherilyn has been accepted into the same Chinese primary school that Alycia is going to now. All primary 1 kids are now compelled to sit for a government LINUS test to gauge the child's efficacy in the national language - Bahasa Malaysia. Kids who are weak in BM will be placed in a special class, where they will be given extra lessons.

Here is just one of the lists given to the kids, which is the same list given to Alycia 2 years ago. All the kids have to know the suku kata and how words are formed using suku kata.

This book is something that's new, which was not given to Alycia 2 years ago. Again, the Primary 1 kids must know how to read all the words in the book, I think, else they will be placed in a special class.

Rascal #2 trying to read all the words. Thank God she's catching up, albeit she needs tons and tons of pushing, threats and bribes.
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