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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Miss Dilly Dally

Rascal #2 is the most 'lau hei' girl I have ever met. She has no urgency at all in completing her homework and has no sense of punctuality too. She dilly dallies away everyday - to school, to tuition, to ballet class and just about anywhere *BIG sigh!!* Everywhere that she has to go to, I have to pull my hair and remind her to no end to hurry up. The moment I leave her alone, there she goes... ding dong ding dong wasting her time.

These days, the only way to get her to do her homework is to forbid her from having dinner if she does not complete her homework. But this girl will only start doing her homework the moment we are about to eat dinner, sigh!!

Do you have a child who is like this? I really need help for I really don't know how to manage this fella!

A common scene every evening. While everyone is eating dinner, this fella will be struggling to complete her homework, crying and whining.
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