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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sticky Note Pads To Remind My Miss Forgetful

Alycia can be quite forgetful. She is very fond of leaving her books behind in class, inside her desk. And when she cannot find the book back home, she will throw herself into a fit of rage, blaming me and the maid for misplacing it or just blame herself by crying really hard. This week is Alycia's school exam. I was fuming mad on Sunday when she told me that she had forgotten to bring some of her text books back, as I had specifically reminded her last week to bring them home last week. So this is what I did to remind my Miss Forgetful :

A sticky note pad inside her pencil case. This way, there's no way she will miss the note!

I am a very forgetful person too and I have to remind on sticky note pads all over my house and my faithful e-Calendar from my computer all the time, even during my corporate days.
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