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Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Loaf @ Tokyo Street, Pavillion

Our first stop and purchase at Tokyo Street, Pavillion was at The Loaf. Hubs had heard about the tasty Japanese-style bun, Oyaki which is a cross between bun and doughnut with fillings. There were 5 flavors on display that day, namely green tea, lemon cream cheese, chicken mushrooms, chocolate walnut and almond with cheese.

Oyaki can be found in most of the bazaara in Japan and outside Japan during the Japan’s Festival celebration. The Loaf has modified the traditional Oyaki to The Modern Taisho Oyaki by using Butter Roll Dough stuffed with more than 10 varieties of sweets and savories ingredients each to bake in oven instead of using the frying pan.

The Loaf kiosk @ Tokyo Street, Pavillion...

Our pick - all 5 flavors, which entitled us to 1 free piece.

Verdict : very tasty indeed! Sure tastes better than doughnuts and buns. Very unique and not too sweet. Because of the petite size of the bun, I can easily chomp down all 6 for my dinner and if I did that, that would corrode me with a fat guilt and send me into an insomnia spell for I would be raring to hit the gym the next morning to run away all the calories!
My favorite is the green tea and almond flakes with cream cheese. Will surely get another half a dozen the next time we go to Pavillion.
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