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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Korea Campbell Grapes

The hubs bought a bunch of Korea Campbell grapes when he went shopping with the girls the other day. My hubs, he loves to try new food and things that are unique. This bunch of Korea Campbell grapes is no run-of-the-mill grapes. My girls and I call these grapes 'jelly grapes' for they taste just like grape-flavored jellies! The skin is hardly chewable and sour. To eat the flesh of the grapes, one has to suck the flesh out, as you would when you eat jelly from a small cup. Pretty unique and tasted pretty unique. But there will be no second time. The flesh is sourish and lots of tiny seeds are buried inside the flesh. Except for the strong 'grape-flavored jelly' taste, I could barely swallow any flesh. Nonetheless, RM12.90 was well spent trying out an out-of-the-world grapes :D

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