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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Two Musketeers

Sherilyn may not be as tolerant as Alycia with her baby sister. Nonetheless, they make very good playmates, dance mates and song mates. They love dancing and belting out silly songs together and do pretend plays together. Lately, Sherilyn has been teaching her baby sister her ballet movements too and it is really heartwarming and hilarious to see them hop, jump, twirl and boogie away.

This afternoon, my mum reprimanded Sherilyn for being naughty and whiny. She of course whined and cried. In fact, this 6.5YO rascal cries every single day *shake head* When Baby saw her che che crying, I think she felt for her che che. Baby then started to pray, while my mum was still reprimanding Sherilyn ...

Baby - Dear Jesus, please help Sherilyn to stop crying...

My mum ignored Baby and continued to reprimand the bawling Sherilyn.

Baby - Dear Jesus, please help Sherilyn to stop crying, please help Sherilyn to stop crying, AMEN !

Baby kept chanting this loudly until I burst out laughing. The scene was really too funny and tickled my funny bone. What a good way to laugh away my stress LOL!!

My 2 musketeers. They make my blood boil, yet they can make me laugh very hard. If only they can be good good girls and be in top notch behavior all the time...

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