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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Bento Set A Day

Here's yet another Bento set prepared for my kiddos...

Grilled salmon with butter and garlic, Terriyaki chicken and sushi, washed down with a mug of murberry-beet root-carrot-apple juice, with grapes as starter and Rocky sticks for dessert.
And no, I am not that ambitious and I don't have the luxury of time (though I would love to) to whip up such a luxurious lunch for my kiddos. It's my hubs and his chefs who cooked up the storm, for one of his customer's functions for that day. I heart days like this, when my hubs sends his staff to deliver hot food to our doorstep, for I don't have to get myself all sweaty and have my face, hands and clothes tainted with choking cooking oil :D
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