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Friday, November 18, 2011

Conversation With Cassandra

It was pouring outside during lunch time today.

Baby - mummy, the rain is good for the trees right?

Me - yup. We all need to drink water to live. The trees need to drink water too.

Baby - why mummy?

Me - so that the trees will grow taller and taller.

Baby - like Jack and the Beanstalk right mummy?

Me - yeah, clever girl!

After lunch in the bathroom...

Baby - mummy, what will happen if I eat soap?

Me - bubbles will form inside your body and the bubbles will come out through your nose, mouth, ears and eyes, scary right?

Baby - and what will happen if I eat this? (pointing to the water hose)

Me - you will die if you eat the water hose!! (LOL!! This rascal loves asking me cheeky questions when she already knows the answers.)

Cassandra at 3years 7 months

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