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Saturday, November 19, 2011


Rascal #2 has finally graduated from pre-school. Can't believe she is going to Primary 1 next year. I earnestly hope that she will make some changes on her attitude towards her studies and discipline, will place importance towards punctuality and will have an intense liking of what she will learn in school. When Alycia was in pre school, I remember I had the same fears and worries on how she will cope in a Chinese school. Alycia fell sick and had to skip school regularly when she was in pre school. Consequently, she had some catching up to do in her studies. I remember she always made my blood boil too whenever I had to do revision with her before her exams. All that changed when she started going to Primary 1. All my fears and worries were unfounded. She did very well and I am surprised with the rate at which she picked up Mandarin and master Mandarin, in view of both her parents speak and read no Mandarin. I hope the same goes for Sherilyn too.

A pot shot of Sherilyn doing her revision. She ain't the type who will sit restricted at the table to pore over her books. She needs movements and lots of 'spices and flavor' to her study methodology.
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