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Friday, November 11, 2011

Weekend Midnight Supper

The weekends are here again, super hooray! Business will be slower over the weekends and that's the time I can breathe. I really do need the breather and catch up on my sleep as I feel sleepy all the time lately, a result of being severely sleep deprived.

Weekend also means midnight snacking with daddy for Alycia and Sherilyn. Last Saturday, daddy brought them out to buy supper of fried crabs and fried Hokkien noodles. The 3 of them had a whale of a time chomping down the noodles and sucking on the crab legs and claws till way past midnight. Me? I don't touch food after 9pm and have the will power to say NO, even to the most delicious of morsels put right in front of my eyes and mouth, with salivating aromatic smell permeating my nostrils. Can you resist? tee hee...

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