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Friday, December 2, 2011

Funny Conversation With Cassandra

I had wanted to jot down this funny conversation with Baby last night but I was so sleepy that I dropped all my work and went straight to slumberland.

I was feeding Baby her before bedtime soy bean milk and we were watching SpiderWick (a thriller for kids on goblins and unruly creatures) ...

Me - baby, what if these monsters entered our house and climbed up your bed? Scary eh?

Baby - this is NOT real.. this is only a movie, it cannot be real, YOU SILLY!

Hmmm, my 3.5yo baby girl out-talking me yet again!

After she had finished her milk, I stroked her hands and legs...

Baby - why are you touching me mummy?

Me - why? You don't like me to touch you and sayang you?

Baby - is it because I am C-U-T-E?
and then gave me her cute smile :D

Cassandra at 3 years 7 months
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