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Friday, December 16, 2011

Lazy Bum!

After a visit to the hair saloon just now, we stopped by a road-side stall selling fresh coconut to quench our thirst on this sizzling afternoon. When we told the man that we wanted 4 packets of coconut water, the seller told us that he does not provide service to chop off the tip of the coconut and pour the coconut water into bags. When we requested him to do it, he told us arrogantly that he does not sell coconut water in this manner. He then pointed to the soya bean milk stall next to his and told us buy from the soya bean milk seller instead, as though telling us "too bad I won't sell to you. Drink soya bean lar, it's more convenient"! Most people would find it very troublesome to lug home 4 huge and heavy coconuts, spend half an hour chopping off the tip of the coconut to get the coconut water and flesh, and messing up the kitchen, just to have a glass of refreshing coconut water to drink.

Wonder why some people are so lazy when it comes to earning money. Money is hard to come by. Make hay while sun shines. I'll bet he will earn double or maybe even more if he sells not just whole unopened coconuts but also fuss-free coconut water. No wonder that bugger has such a gigantic beer belly, lazy bump!
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