Health Freak Mommy: Orange Sorbet @ Hai Nan Town, Tg City Marina, Penang


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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Orange Sorbet @ Hai Nan Town, Tg City Marina, Penang

Our first stop for lunch when we reached Penang for the past 2 trips was at Hai Nan Town Nyonya & Hainanese Restaurant @ Tanjung City Marina, between QEII and the ferry terminal. We like this eatery, though it is slightly more expensive than Sin Kheng Aun (which is also the hubs's favorite eating place for decades) because the ambience is more conducive, cleaner, has air-cond and the toilet is a far cry from Sin Kheng Aun's pre-war one. Our favorite dishes are pomfret fish assam, braised chicken for the kids, jiu hu char (braised turnip) with fresh lettuce leaves, deep fried spring rolls and pan fried prawns. This time, we tried their orange sorbet for dessert :

10/10 for presentation, 9/10 for taste and 7/10 for price. Will definitely try this again next year, when we make our year-end 'pilgrimage' to Penang :D
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