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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Disappointed and Burning Mad!

I am getting really worried over rascal #2. Despite me telling her repeatedly that copying in a test is a very grave mistake, she still does it. Nope, she did not copy in her school test but in the worksheets and Math questions that I set for her. The other day, I gave her some Math questions to solve. She is very weak in sums involving a line where numbers are missing and she has to fill up the boxes with the correct numbers. I have had a tough time teaching her this and for many days, she still could not grasp the concept. Several days ago, when I marked the paper that I had set Math questions for her, she got the sums all correct. I was so happy thinking that she finally got it right and had mastered the concept. I pat her head and shoulders and praised her sky high!

The next day I gave her another set of questions, which I set myself. When I went to the table to see how she was doing (as my motherly instinct told me that this girl would still be up to mischief again), I noticed that the answers were all correct too but this little cheater is not a pro cheater. There were no workings done! The paper was clean with the answer neatly written! I immediately knew where she copied the answers from. It was from an exercise book, with the times table printed on the back cover! The Math questions paper was on top of the exercise book as she was trying to hide the book!!! I was so so so mad with my little cheater that I could feel myself transforming into the most evil mom on earth with fangs and long sharp finger nails slowly emerging from my breaking skin!. I pinched her arm and ears. I hit her hand. I was burning with anger that she still cheated despite me telling her umpteen times not to do it. I was very very heart-broken and disappointed. I was also very regretful over hitting and pinching her so hard. How is she going to fare in her school exams soon? How will she fare in her Linus test soon? I hope she will not cheat and be kicked out from school. I am so worried over this girl. I really don't know how to manage her. I have told the hubs that it's best that we send her to the daycare cum tuition center located a few doors away from the hubs' office. She is very excited to go to the daycare centre as her best friend Berlyn is also attending that daycare. I think with teachers and peers surrounding her, she will be better disciplined. It will be better for our already strained relationship. I wonder what and how I have failed in teaching her.
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