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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Restoran Tong Sheng, Melaka

On our first night in Melaka (trip was from 26 - 28 Dec 2011), we had planned to go to Portugese Settlement for dinner, as recommended by Chin Nee. But the traffic jam leading into Portugese Settlement was horrible! Cars were lining up on the narrow road to get into the Portugese Settlement and they were barely moving. After being stuck there for about half an hour with hungry kids whining away, we gave up and inched our way to make a U-turn to get out. We knew that it could take us another 1-2 hours before we could finally have some food. So the hubster called his friend who is a Malaccan to ask for recommendation for some good restaurants.

After checking out a few other restaurants, we finally settled for Restoran Tong Sheng at Melaka Raya. Thankfully we made the right choice. We loved the food. If we ever go to Melaka again (the hubster vowed never to go again during the school holidays!), we will patronize this restaurant again.

As we were all famished from the long wait and only had McDonald's for lunch, hubster ordered a table filled to the edge with dishes.

Sang har meen (big prawns vermicelli). Tasted top notch. Since this was the first dish that came and everyone was so hungry, every single strand of noodles and every drop of soup were wiped out.

Can't remember if the pic in the foreground was a pork or chicken dish but it was delish... in the background is stir fried pucuk veggie which was very tasty.

Deep fried calamari with deep fried garlic.

Some pork dish. Very tasty but a tad salty for the kiddos..

When this unassuming looking tofu dish came after all the '5-star dishes' arrived, everyone was reluctant to give this dish a try. I was the first to try a small spoonful and there was no regret. This duck's egg tofu dish was delightfully delish and it was all walloped in no time.

Crabs cooked in a creamy sauce with mayo. I find the mayo sauce too creamy for my liking. Still prefer crabs cooked in sweet and sour sauce or steamed. This crab dish arrived last and I was already on the verge of unbuckling my belt, so I just ate a claw and watched everyone enjoy the crabs :D

A menu full of appetizing dishes. If you step into this restaurant in a rumbling, empty stomach, you're bound to be tempted to over-order.

The see thau phor's pictures with celebrities hanging on the wall to boast... the pretty lady with long hair is the owner. You can check out Restoran Tong Sheng Melaka's address below...

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