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Monday, February 13, 2012

Her Screams Can Pierce Through My Ears!

Of my 3 girls, Cassandra's screams are the loudest and each time she screams, my ear drums vibrate, though I am more than 10 meters away from her. I kid you not and I am not exaggerating. I really felt my ear drums vibrating when I heard her screamed on top of her lungs the other day... and I was about 10 meters away from her! GOSH, her screams were ears piercing sharp!! I think if there was a wine glass on the dining table that day, it would have cracked on its own when she screamed that day!
I must help her kick off her habit of screaming. She screams when she's overly excited during plays with her sisters. She screams when she is bullied by her sisters. And she screams when her whims and fancies are not met. I do not want her to grow up being a spoilt brat who gets on everyone's nerves. I admit we have all been spoiling her rotten ever since she was a baby, caused by her very difficult and painful babyhood. After her 2 surgeries, we spoiled her even more. Now, she's a spoilt brat! A very cute one that is but when she screams when her fancies are not met, stomps her feet and ignores my instructions, I get so fuming mad I feel like strangling her at times!!

My baby girl will surely konk off by 8pm if she skips her afternoon nap. We were at a Chinese restaurant on the 5th day of CNY and waited for almost an hour before we finally got our first dish of yee sang. And Baby waited till she could no longer wait and snoozed off. She slept through dinner and only had bread with butter for dinner that night!
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