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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sherilyn's 7th Birthday

Since Sherilyn's birthday falls on a Thursday this year (16 February), we decided to have an early celebration for her at a restaurant of her choice, which was Xenri Japanese restaurant @ Wisma Elken last Saturday. Sherilyn also invited her best friend, Berlyn to the dinner. Berlyn and Sherilyn were classmates at pre-school since they were 3-year olds and now they are in the same class, goes to school in the same van and attends swimming lesson and mental arithmetic class together. The 4 rambunctious girls had a fabulous time chatting, talking nonsense, laughing and playing and drew a lot of stares... first on the noise and then on the 4 girls. We even heard a woman exclaiming her surprise that I had 4 daughters! And I am sure other people must have had the same thoughts and that they were thinking that my 4 daughters were a very rowdy lot too!

Some of the sumptuous Japanese spread that we ate...

Scallops, prawns and seafood teppanyaki...

Sashimi and soft shell crab maki...

Hello Kitty was Sherilyn's choice of character for her birthday cake but the bakery did a very shoddy job. The Hello Kitty's face looked a tad distorted and the taste of the cake was a shame too, sigh... that will be our last time buying a cake from that bakery.

Baby over-ate that night. Daddy gave her too much food without me noticing as I was not seated next to her that night. With just a tiny frame, my baby girl slurped down 1 big bowl of Udon, ate 1 piece of soft shell crab maki, had a cup of Chawan Mushi, had Japanese fried rice and popped lots of Edamame beans. All of a sudden, she gave us yet another of her 'over-ate pain in the tummy and I feel like puking' look on her face and told us that her tummy hurt a lot. This girl is very fond of over-eating and puke all her food right on the dining table of the restaurant. So I quickly distracted her and brought her for a stroll outside and then walked up and down the restaurant with her, so that the exercise will help with the digestion. Thank God it did and she managed to hold her food! She skipped the birthday cake that night.
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