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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Flavours Food LIfestyle Magazine

My foodie and food caterer hubs spends quite a bit regularly on cook books for ideas and recipes and these books ain't cheap. I never had the time to read them until recently when I was coaxing Baby to drink her milk. While waiting for her to gulp down her milk, I sat next to her and glanced the newest Flavours mag that my hubs had bought. And that's when I got hooked on this Flavours Food Lifesytle mag. It now sits in the bathroom, where I will go through it when I am seated on the throne haha!

Here are 2 recipes which had caught my eyes and I will certainly try them when my MIL is away again...

Minced Meat with mashed potatoes...

Sesame Udon... easy and quick to whip up and my girls are big time fan-see of Udon noodles.

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