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Monday, March 19, 2012

MIL's Bakes and Makes

Whenever my mil is around, we hardly ever step foot into a bakery for she will bake cakes, bread, buns and tarts several times in a week! Yep, she bakes very regularly and we will never go hungry when she's around. Last week, she baked 2 trays of Madeline, 10-grain bread, chocolate brownie, pizza, blueberry tarts and orange cake! I wonder what she's planning to bake this week. I know she's definitely going to make pizza again as we bought pizza cheese, bacon and mushrooms from Jaya Grocer yesterday, for another round of pizza! I saw some Facebookers who baked pandan chiffon cake last week and heck, I am craving for it too. Since the organic veggie seller gave me a big bunch of screwpine leaves this morning, I am going to place my order for pandan chiffon cake later. Hopefully my order gets 'processed' * grins *

Bakes and makes from the mil's kitchen...

10-grain bread and buns...

Blueberry tarts, which is the best in the world! This is something which I doubt I will ever dare to try to bake as the steps seem so tedious and laborious.

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