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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Throes of Motherhood ... Struggling With A Very Difficult Child

Sherilyn is driving me NUTS! She has been really stretching my patience till the threshold level is now breached. I feel like strangling her!! Each time I do revision with her, I wonder if she is dyslexic. It seems as if nothing goes into her head. Before each revision session begins, I can be sure to get the usual load of excuses from her to stall time! First, she will say I want to pee, then I want to drink water, I want to pack my bag first, I want this particular pencil, I want to sharpen my pencil first, I want this and that... and when the actual revision begins, she will yawn and doze off mid way!

Today is bad. She shocked me with her output. After explaining common nouns, proper nouns, punctuation marks and countable nouns to her since yesterday (actually it was since her pre school days), she gave me all crap in the English Grammar workbook that I had asked her to do. Next, she whined, cried and screamed over every little issue at home. She fights with Alycia all the time. Alycia is a neat and clean freak while Sherilyn is the exact opposite, so Sherilyn's slapdash attitude irates Alycia all the time when she causes haphazard in the bedroom and around the house. Alycia is always the one who would volunteer to clean up and clear up her 2 sisters' things and mess. When Sherilyn took Alycia's Geronimo Stilton book to read just before bedtime just now, there was a big war. Now they are sleeping in separate bedrooms!! Alycia refused to lend Sherilyn the book as she said that her sister will throw the book on the floor after reading and scribble the book with a pen... which is true. I am really at lost on how to manage Sherilyn. Her lackadaisical attitude towards life and studies and her daily screams, whines and cries are driving me insane!! Does anyone have a child who is like this?
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