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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cassandra's 2nd Day Of Pre-School

Today is my baby girl's 2nd day of attending pre-school. She is coping very well. This morning, she had to don on her PE attire to practice field marching. The kindy's annual sports day will be held in early May. Yep, I can't believe that my once frail and sickly baby girl will be doing marching and taking part in her school's sports event!

When I talked to her class teacher, she reported to me that Cassandra is coping very well and can follow everything that's being taught. I was really stunned when she showed me the current reading book that the 4YOs are being taught to read now. There were 5-6 lines of sentences on each page and I think that the level is for kids aged 6YOs at least. The teacher then pointed out to me the kids in Cass' class who could read that book. Gosh, I wonder if my baby girl will be able to cope, given that I hardly ever have the time to teach her how to read.

Something that I look forward to everyday - walking my baby girl to and back from school...
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