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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Our Saturday - 28 April 2012

I was glued to my desktop PC the whole of yesterday to check on the Bersih 3.0 Rally updates from Facebook. My 3 nosy parkers who have eyes like an eagle saw what I was doing and kept sticking their noses and eyes behind my back. I gave them some exercises to do from workbooks but each time they saw the yellow pictures from my Facebook page, they zoomed to the PC exclaiming Oh my God!, WAH!, OH NO! and all that jazz! It does not help that my work area is just next to the dining table and that is where they are seated to do revision.

Check out what rascal #2 did after she saw pictures of her best friend wearing yellow holding placards bearing the word BERSIH from my Facebook page. She too changed into her yellow clothing, scribbled the word BERSIH on a piece of paper and colored it yellow *slap forehead*

Don't get me wrong. I am sitting in the middle of the fence, neutral to either party, but just have to post this pix as everyone had a good guffaw when we saw what this clown of the family did.

  And check out our dining table - what an eye sore and total mess!
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