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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Maid Stories Again

That woman is driving me nuts!! She hogs the bathroom everyday for half an hour to forty five minutes twice a day and reads our newspapers and magazines while in the throne. This I do not mind as reading is a good hobby to have. What I cannot stand is that she dirties the toilet seat with her black fingers (from the newspapers ink) and does not clean up the stains. At times, she dirties the toilet seat and floor with poop and blood too! In the past, I cleaned up her after her mess when I cannot stand the filth and cannot wait for her to come and clean it up when I have to use the bathroom. After many times, my temper hit the roof. Enough is enough and I told her off.

A week ago, she dropped the new FHM magazine that we bought onto the wet bathroom floor but did not bother to dry the magazine. Half the book of pages are now glued to one another. When I tried to separate the pages, they tore apart as they were still wet. The magazine is now torn and tattered and I don't feel like touching it anymore for I have no idea what the source of the liquid that is binding the pages now. I thought it was my hubs who wet the magazine, thus did not bother to ask him. This morning, my hubs asked me angrily if I had dropped the magazine onto the wet floor and did not bother to dry it up. When he asked me this, I knew instantly who the culprit was. I feel like strangling her now!! This is but just a fraction of her bad habits and attitude that we have to bear with everyday. Thank goodness her days with us are numbered. When she leaves, my life needs a major adjustment and this is going to take place very, very soon..hopefully it will be for the better, for me, my kids and everyone else.
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