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Friday, April 6, 2012

Sinful Week Of Cake Indulgence

Remember my earlier post on my mil's bakes and makes? I mentioned that I will 'place my order' with my mil for my favorite pandan chiffon cake? Well, she did bake a very yummy pandan chiffon cake for us the next day :D It was so delish that the cake was walloped in just 1 day and she made another one a week later. I had placed order for it again and she shall bake it next week :D

Here's my mil's bakes and makes last week:

Japanese milk buns...

Pandan chiffon cake. I had forgotten to snap a pic of the cake while it was still in the cake mould, we were all too excited to wallop the cake!

Soft cream cheese cake...

Last week, there was also my favorite Tiramisu cake from Alexis Bistro, which my hubs bought for my birthday.

Now you know why I have to force myself out from bed every morning to jog and to work out in the gym eh! If laziness takes over me, I can be rest assured of getting flabs and fats in every part of my body from head to toe in a matter of just 1 month of glorious sinning!
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