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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Meals Served By Daycare Centres

When I picked Cass up from pre-school a few days ago, I saw one of the assistant teachers preparing lunch for the daycare kids.  I was taken aback with what I saw.  She was scooping rice onto the plates and each plate of rice had about 1-2 tablespoons of steamed egg. She then mixed the rice with the steamed egg.  The steamed egg was plain without any minced meat but just a drizzle of soy sauce.  I asked the assistant teacher if that was it for lunch.  Any veggie? Any soup? And she smiled and said NO.  I was like "That was it??!"  I seriously think that there should at least be a plate of green veggie or a simple soup. But that was just it.  A  no-frills budget meal for growing up small kids. Several times last year when I picked Sherilyn up from that pre-school, I saw the same assistant teacher preparing lunch for the daycare kids.  Lunch consisted of only 1 dish or only 1 soup.  Once I saw baked beans with rice and that was it.  Another time I saw a simple ABC soup with rice and that was it.

Parents, do you think that the quality of food served by daycare centres should improve? At the very least, there should be a meat (or an egg) + veggie dish everyday.  And I am just very curious to know if other pre-schools serve similar type of food with solo dish for lunch everyday.  If I can remember correctly, the daycare fee is about RM500+ a month from that pre-school and this I think is costly taking into consideration the quality of food that is served.
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