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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Glorious Durians!

The husband's friend gave us some supposedly 5-star 'kunyit' durian from some old durian trees last week. By the time the durians reached our house, it was way past 9pm and by the time the husband was free to open up the durians, it was almost midnight. The aroma of the durian was really tempting and I was really tempted to try some but I turned down the husband's invitation to sample them as I was drop dead tired and sleepy and only wanted to go to bed.  Moreover I do not eat anything after 8pm but I finally succumbed to his continuous invitation and the killer aroma of the durians. So what the heck, I told myself just one seed, then another, and then another and finally, I think I walloped about 5-6 seeds of durians with thick, sweet and bitter flesh ! It's been ages since I last had durians as midnight supper and it was indeed satisfying. And I have already lost all the weight I had piled up during this durian season these few days, after our helper went back for good. Now, I have achieved my pre-Cassandra weight once again at 44kg, tee hee hee....

For those of you who are residing overseas and are a lover of durians, sorry if this post made you salivate. I know how expensive durians are overseas and you get only frozen ones haha! Oops, sorry!
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