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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

An Open Sandwich For Sherilyn

I have not had the time to prepare interesting dishes for the girls ever since the helper left us about 3 weeks ago. More so for the past one week until now as I want to spend more time to do revision with Alycia who is sitting for her exam this week. When the girls' aunt and cousin from Hong Kong were here last week, revision was put aside for bonding. Now that they have left, it's time to bring the books out and I only had a few hours on Saturday and Sunday to do some quick revision with Alycia.

Several days ago, I prepared this open sandwich for Sherilyn, which took me only several minutes. It's an open sandwich with homemade bread, crunchy meat floss that the MIL bought from Taiwan and mild mayo for kids.

What made Sherilyn beaming with joy was her name written on the bread with mayo.

Sherilyn's lunch : crunchy meat floss mayo open sandwich, organic cherry tomatoes, pink grapefruit yoghurt and fresh coconut water.

Double mayo with her name on the bread - first on the bread, then on the crunchy meat floss, which is Sherilyn's favorite. 

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