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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Quirky Yet Adorable Habit

My 4.5 YO baby girl has a quirky yet adorable habit.  She loves smelling my clothes!  Not just any clothes but worn ones and stinky ones which has mummy's scent!  Just a moment ago, after showering her, I removed my partially wet nightie and threw it on the floor.  My baby girl instinctively picked up my nightie and held it to her chest, lovingly as if telling me "why throw this on the floor" and smelling the dirty nightie as if the dress had some really sweet smelling perfume that could comfort her body and mind!

On some days, Cass would rummage through my drawer to fish out the nightie with the strongest mummy scent so that she could hold it to sleep at night. She would fish out each nightie - sniff it, put it back, fish out another one and sniff it... and continue doing this until she finds one that has the strongest 'perfume'!  Usually, she would pick up the oldest nightie with my body smell deeply embedded in the fabric. None of my girls has done this in the past and I guess this closeness that Cass has to me is contributed by the 3 years of breastfeeding her and having her sleep with hubs and I for 3 frigging long years! :)

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