Health Freak Mommy: Science Experiment For Alycia - Mixing Substances With Vinegar


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Monday, October 15, 2012

Science Experiment For Alycia - Mixing Substances With Vinegar

A few days before Alycia's Science in Mandarin test last weekend, my mil and I did some experiments with her in the kitchen.  I always believe that seeing is believing and we will remember something more prominently and effectively if we see it as opposed to just reading about it. It is pretty tough for a 8YO+ kid to remember what will release bubble, what will precipitate and what will become lumpy when mixed with vinegar.  So here we are experimenting with my Primary 3 daughter...

Alycia pouring the vinegar onto the mixtures by herself...

Baking powder when mixed with vinegar - releases bubbles.

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