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Monday, December 10, 2012

The Clown Ballerina

Today my princess wannabe attended her ballet concert organized by the dance centre that she goes to.   For second grade ballerinas, their dance was entitled "Fun" and is a clown dance of sorts as the graceful ballerinas were all donned in clown costume LOL!  When I first saw Sherilyn after the make-over in that costume, I could not recognize her for a moment.  And I was thinking why on earth did the ballet teacher dress her students up like a clown? Like ridiculing them.  Initially I did think that the ballerinas look really hilarious in the clown costume but when I saw how they performed, my point of view changed.  The five graceful 'clowns' danced really well, were very vivacious, very confident and they received the loudest cheer and applaud from the audiences.  I was uber proud of my little clown. Well, she did clown around but she did it really well this time without putting a frown to my eye brow, LOL!

And my little clown made me even prouder when the teacher announced that she scored a Merit for her Grade 1 ballet exam which she sat for in May this year.  For RM170 a month, now I am starting to feel that our hard-earned money on this rascal's ballet lessons is money well spent :)

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