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Friday, January 18, 2013

Juggler Of Many Tasks

I guess most mothers are very good in juggling  many tasks at a time. I am definitely one.  Now that I am a WFHM to 3 kids, without the help of a live-in helper, every minute is as precious as gold to me! I stretch every minute I have on hand to the max.  Thus, in the morning when the kids are all in school, I try to accomplish as much as I can before they are home as that's when havoc breaks out again!

How I juggle multi-tasks...

1) I usually eat my breakfast / lunch and work on my computer simultaneously. If the food is the messy type with sauce or soup, then I will eat at the dining table and will read the newspapers or a book.

2) I fill up my watering can and water the plants while making calls on my cordless house phone on loudspeaker mode

3) I hang out laundry while talking on the phone, in loudspeaker mode.  Thus, I love phones with loudspeaker function as my hands are freed to do something else when I am talking on the phone

4) While I take my shower, I put Cass on the throne. Once I am done, she is usually done too. Then I bathe her and I only wet my body once haha!  Oh yes, I wash the bathroom too when I have my shower, everyday.

5) I read the newspapers while working out on the Air Walker in the gym

6) While something is cooking in the pan / wok (frying fish / chicken / braising a meat), I wash   the dirty dishes and mop the kitchen floor

7) While waiting for my friend to pick up Sherilyn for ballet, I reply to emails and messages from my customers on my handphone.

The list is endless. Would you like to add to the list? I am sure we busy mothers are very good at maximizing our precious time. Let's share how you ladies juggle your time :)
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